Our Story

So many people feel stressed and stretched thin these days. Do you know why you may be feeling this way? Possibly because everyone does not deserve access to you or your energy.  There should be levels of access to you. When you learn ways to guard your energy and guard access to you....things start to change.  This cute little t-shirt is just the thing you need to remind people that you are taking care of you first for a change.  Get bougie with your boundaries, get bougie with your energy!

Another way to help decrease stress is to remind yourself that you have access to ridiculous amounts of favor and that you can choose to depend heavily on your crazy faith!

As a mental wellness therapist I talk a lot about having or creating boundaries. I love to tell my therapy clients about the dynamics of having Bougie Boundaries, being Bougie with your Energy, having Crazy Faith and basking in the glow of Ridiculous Favor!!

These things are the recovering Co-Dependent’s tools for increasing their emotional quality of life.

Cop you a cute tee to help remind yourself that you have decided to take care of you first!

Bougie Boundaries T-Shirt Line

Just in case “They” forget...you can say it with your shirt!